Regional NAv6TF Contact information

—– North American IPv6 Task Force

The North American IPv6 Task Force operates as a collaborative Not For Profit assembled from Geographical Chapters.

Ed Horley – NAv6TF Contact & Site Admin
Email: see CAv6tf links below

George Usi – NAv6TF Contact & Site Admin
Email: see CAv6tf links below

—– California IPv6 Task Force

George Usi – CAv6TF Chair, Sacramento and Central Valley
Phone: 916-538-4874
Email: George Usi

Ed Horley – CAv6TF Co-Chair, San Francisco Bay Area
Phone: 415-493-8585
Email: Ed Horley

—– Canada IPv6 Task Force

OPEN – Canada IPv6 Task Force Chair

—– IPv6 Task Force Hawaii

Alan Whinery – Hawaii Chair
Email: Alan Whinery

—– IPv6 Task Force Mexico

Azael Fernandez – Mexican IPv6 Forum Chair
Phone: (52)55 56 22 88 57

—– Mid-Atlantic IPv6 Task Force

OPEN – Mid-Atlantic Chair

—– Pacific Northwest IPv6 Task Force

Yurie Rich – NWv6TF Chair
Email: c

—– Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force

Chuck Sellers – RMv6TF Chair
Email: chuck {at}

—– South East IPv6 Task Force

David Rubal – SEv6TF Chair
Email: David Rubal

—– Texas IPv6 Task Force

Stan Barber – TXv6TF Chair
Email: Stan Barber


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